Create Your Bucket List

Does the idea of creating a bucket list make your mind go blank? 

In this article, I am going to share with 7 tips on how to create a bucket list that not only excites you when you look at it but also motivates you to do the work to cross each item off the list.

I have to tell you this has to be one of my all time "Dream Big" activities.

Besides being super excited to share with you not only what I do when I'm brainstorming what to put on the list, I am also going to share the tools I use accomplish each item on my list.

At the ripe old age of 47, I've managed to complete two bucket lists and am currently working on my third one.

But I Wasn't Always So Ambitious

Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, it was a bit of hit and miss with achieving my bucket list. It was created under the theory of "if it happens, it would be nice". 

The joys of getting older, having more experiences (the good, the bad & yes, even the ugly) made me dive more into learning that I really did have the power of who and what I was drawing into my life by studying concepts such as the law of attraction.

So This Is How I Create A New Bucket List...

For me, it is as simple as grabbing a pen, a piece of paper and a cup of coffee. It's easy for me to find a quiet spot being an empty nester.

So if you have kiddos you might want to find a way to carve out some time for yourself to do this.

Where Do I Want To Go?

Travel is and probably always will be the first thing I write down on my list. There are so many places that I want to see. 

My second bucket list was put together shortly before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

There is nothing like getting a you're not promised a tomorrow diagnosis to swiftly realize that there is room for your bucket list to grow.

For my second list, it was short but very sweet. I wanted to see Costa Rica. Within 4 1/2 years of putting it on paper, we visited 8 times, each at 2-week intervals.

On my current travel bucket list, I have hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and driving the Panama Highway in an RV.

The possibilities are endless of what you can dream of where you want to travel and how you want to do it.

It's really important that you don't filter yourself such as "that's crazy" or "I can't do that".

I can't even begin to tell you how important it is that you put only things you love on your list that excites you.

7 Tips To Grow Your Bucket List

Start With Your Childhood.

Remember all of those wonderful ideas you had as a kid? It's time to dust them off look at them again. 

What were some of the things you want to see and do as a kid?

Check Out Other Bucket Lists.

The internet is a great source for ideas for bucket list. There's Pinterest and Instagram.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Google "Bucket List Ideas" and last but definitely not least take a peek on our very own Pinterest board for ideas.

Categories To Consider...


Where have you always wanted to visit? Consider places near and far. Check out state parks, festivals, views, etc. 

Remember that the world is big.


Want to learn how to surf, hang glide or ice skating? 


Ready to hike the Pacific Crest Trail? Fly a helicopter? Zip lining ? Swim with the dolphins? Do extensive international travel?


Maybe you want to attend the Olympics? The balloon festival in New Mexico? 


Want to write a book? Play a guitar? Learn a foreign language?


As I mentioned before create some time for you to work on your list. Turn off everything and allow your imagination to run wild.

Be sure to have a pen and paper available so that you can write everything that comes to mind without  judging it.

Once you write down everything, take a step back and let it sit for a bit then come back to it to add more to the list.

Give Yourself A Week To Continue Adding To Your List

You'll find new ideas pop into your mind at random moments.

Keep adding to your list and don't worry about the length.

You can scale it down.

Ask Your Friends For Ideas.

Find out what your friends would put on their bucket lists. It's a great way not only to get inspired but also to connect a bit deeper.

Prioritize Your List.

Rank your big list from most desirable to least.

Make Plans For This Year.

Starting at the top of the your list, which items could you do this year? Unless you're fortunate, you probably have limited time, financial resources or both.

Begin Making Plans

Decide what you can do to overcome your limitations and put your plan into action.

Once you've set an objective, it's important to take the first step as soon as possible.

Show yourself that you're serious by making preliminary plans.

Now that you have a good start to creating your bucket list, get busy crossing off items from your list!! 

As always, if you need help creating your bucket list along with a plan that will take you step by step on how to achieve it, click here.