The Power of Essential Oils

I love essential oils so much that I decided to start a portable business around it! 

I use to think that there was little validity to all the hype around oils because of these claims that were being on how they could cure anything.

Some of the way the stories were being told made me feel like I were listening to a snake oil salesman peddling his goods. 

I pretty much stayed away from it until I had my own experience with it.

In this article and through out this guide I am going to share with you not only my own experience with them but why you should be using them in your home & health routine.

A Little Bit Of Back Story

I grew up in a very emotionally intense household and there came a point where my body began reflecting what was going on emotionally.

What I mean by that is when you are under a lot of stress your body can start giving you signals that you are what I like to say is under attack.

So maybe the stress will come out in a eye twitch, loss of hair, rashes, etc.

My warning sign decided to come out in the form of a non catchy fungus that the doctors determined was caused by stress.

I tried over the counter cremes and even prescription based. At best, it would fade for a few weeks then come back. 

Nothing like having blotchy skin growing up and having it continue through adult hood.

Fast Forward To Well Into My Adult Hood

I had an opportunity to meet someone who sold doTerra oils and wanted to give me an oil treatment. Not having a clue of what it was but willing to embrace a new opportunity, I tried it.

I was so overcome by the general calmness I felt not only through my body but my mind as well.

If you have a brain like mine that is constantly running 90 miles an hour, you know how beneficial that can be.

So this woman and I had a conversation where I found myself telling her about this rash I had since I was kid. She recommended trying an oil called Tea Tree

I thought what is it going to hurt to try it. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am I did. Because within 3 days of me lightly rubbing it on in the morning and evening, it was gone. 

At the time of this writing, it's been 5 months and this is the longest that I have had it not show up.

Numerous Legit Stories About Essential Oils

That is just my story but it's not the only one.

Everyone has a different story with different results. I have found that by putting a drop or two of lemon oil in hot water when my stomach is upset does wonders to settling it.

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, I have not had a good night sleep. I found putting a drop or two of lavender oil in my bath at night or on my pillow case knocks me out.

Using Essential Oils As A Layer Of My Self Care

I am such a huge advocate for self care especially when going through major life changes (intentionally or unintentionally).

From exercising, eating healthier, juicing, meditation and oils, I have managed to integrate all of these into my morning routine. 

If you are ready to see how oils can benefit you, I would love to have you as a customer (click here to get started).

I have a private facebook group for all of my customers where you can ask questions, connect with other oil users and plus I sneak a little something sweet in every month to help you start your own self care journey. 

Start Your Own
Automated Essential Oils Business

One of my missions at Wildly Bold is to teach people how to create an automated business that allows them to get a life.

What I love about doTerra is that it checks off my boxes of passive and automated which means this girl can play while still making money.

Who doesn't love that?

If you are interested in learning more, be sure to sign up here for our email series on how you too can join me building a business that gives you the financial freedom you are looking for!

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