Manifest Your Dreams:
7 Ways To Make Your Dreams A Reality

To manifest a wildly bold life takes learning the art of balance. 

The idea behind the law of attraction is to become co-creator with the Universe in manifesting the deep desires you have in your heart.

When you take the time to learn how to correctly "ask" for what you want, the quicker it is to turn your dreams into reality.

Quickstart Guide On How To Manifest

Be Grateful.

Gratitude can dramatically change your life by letting the Universe know what makes you appreciative and happy.

When you are feeling frustrated by a situation or even depressed, the universe gives you more things to feel sad about.

So the first rule to manifesting faster results is to begin to see all the things in your life through the perspective of gratitude. 

Speak It.

The moment a thought is conceived you have put life into it.

Sounds a bit odd doesn't it?

But the truth is that the more you think it and speak about it, the quicker it becomes a reality.

Do you remember when you were a kid and wanting something really bad?

If you were anything like me, you cut out pictures of it, talked excessively to any anyone who took the time to listen to you and every time you thought about it you could feel the excitement in your whole body?

hmmm... just realized not much as changed. lol

Learn to speak with joy about what will come into your life because the words and thoughts you have around it brings energy into it that helps you get it quicker.

Surround Yourself With The Things You Desire.

It is so important to put yourself as close as possible to put yourself in an environment and people who are closely linked to things you desire.

The success of turning your dreams into a reality depends on you already being in the energy of what you want.

Let Go.

Once you've gained clarity on what you want, let it go.

Put yourself in a state of receiving ( you know without doubt or fear that you will get what you desire ).

Learn To Receive.

As mentioned before, to activate the law of attraction, you must move into the state of receiving. This is something most people have a hard time doing. 

It usually stems from doubt or fear. 

Deep within they feel that they don't deserve what it is they desire and assume based on that feeling that there is a snowball chance in h*ll that they will get it.

But here is the screwy part of having those feelings... they block you from getting what you really want in life.

Embrace your worthiness to receive that of what you desire and have the confidence (Act As If) that you will receive it.

Become Worthy.

When you use the law of attraction to manifest a better life you are in the flow and in a better state of adding value to the world.

By learning to embrace your worthiness to receive that of what you desire and have the confidence (Act As If) that you will receive it.

Give What You Desire Most.

You may not have all the money in the world for yourself but you do have something of value that someone else desires.

Just A Few Last Thoughts...

There is a natural flow in the universe that allows you too receive or manifest more when you are the flow of giving.

But it's important to remember to ...

  • Give with heart of gratitude and happiness.
  • Don't allow yourself to become depleted.