Love Notes

I have been blessed to work with some amazing women over my six years as a life coach. 

Here are just a handful of women loves to me over the years.

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Christie Halmick

Hey Jana - Just wanted to say I think you are a great coach.

This is what I see in you...

A Shit Disturber: Good for getting to the core of your clients issues and not letting them off easy.

A Whole Picture Viewer: Good for turning issues on their head and inside out to rewrite/reframe histories and stories.

A Great Listener: Good for hearing the story behind the story and getting to the core issue.

A Realist:  Good for setting your clients up for the hard work to be done.

Kathy Stephens

From the moment Jana and I crossed paths she showed true concern, her approach was honest and she had the ability to reach out to me at a very dark time in my life.

She helped me fid hope in the moment, to see possibilities in the future and she did it with compassion and encouragement. Jana is the REAL DEAL!

Sammi Johnson

I've had a hard time sticking to one thing and following through - Jana's ability to create an actionable plan and hold me accountability is of tremendous value to assist me in staying with my goals.

Dayna House

Jana, You Are A Gem!

Rachel Luna

Jana, you are fantastic! In just our first session I was able to walk away with numerous strategies to help take my business to the next level.

For me, the most rewarding part of our work together was the way you listened and thoroughly understood what I needed.

When I'm flustered, I'm not the best of articulating my needs and wants, but because you're such an excellent listener, I felt you really zoned in and identified the areas I needed help with the most.

I'm looking forward to implementing all the strategies you suggest.

Thank you so much for changing my game!

Aimee Kunau

Thank you Jana Martin for your laser observations and helping me get out of my own way.

Nicole Smoot Tengwall

Just had my coaching call with Jana. She was so helpful and just what I needed!

Highly recommended working with her if you feel "stuck" or "unsure of something".

Brian Whitaker

Jana has a real knack for overcoming obstacles while driving toward the right result.

Holly Hoffman

Jana has this way of asking just the right questions to put things into perspective and gives you the drive to dream big.

Cynthia Englett

Jana is a true rockstar when it comes to removing road blocks and gaining clarity in your business!

After only half an hour of coaching I have become clear on my next steps.

Had a major epiphany of how I'm blocking myself and found 2 new streams of income to add to the mix.

Thank you Jana. You are gold.

Emelie Rota

Jana's 30 minute coaching session is a must do if you want instant clarity and immediate strategies to quit your job and build a successful online business.

She brings laser focus and her own breadth experience to the session, giving me ideas that I hadn't thought of before to amp up my game and leave my job within the next 60 days.

With her plans and accountability, I have no doubt  in my mind that I'll be off and running as a profitable solopreneur even before my target date!

Leslie Homolka Craigmyle

I loved using instagram on a personal level but Jana's course has gotten me tremendously excited about other possibilities.

Susan Stearns

Our coaching session was great!

It was like I handed you a lump of rock and you chipped away at it, turning it this way and that and then Viola!

A diamond emerged.

Troy Osenkarski

Jana's enthusiasm for Instagram is infectious and she explains everything in a clear and concise manner. I have a feeling this course is going to be a major changer in my life.

Sara Ives

I really found high value from our call!

You have the ability to really zone in on small tweaks that have the potential to make huge changes.

I was so impress that in such a short amount of time you revealed so many options that I hadn't yet considered.

I'm excited to implement them! Thank you so much!

JK Brand

There's no thinking small with Jana.

Shelly Moreau

Jana's insightfulness to use Instagram as a platform to build a customer base and drive business is uncanny.

Hazel Hardie

I was a bit skeptical about the idea of being able to follow my passion and actually making any money at...but Jana showed me that we have these big, bold dreams for a reason!